By being a Reiki Master practitioner, I was exposed to people with very different energies. The more I worked with diverse humans, the more I realized that there is not just one energetic healing modality that can be effective.

The Energy Work I do with people helps them find their own powerful channel / source by processing their emotional traumas within their body, energy system and phyche.

All of us have a vital energetic beginning and the umbilical cord to the Universal Womb where unlimited power and possibilities reside.

Reiki is another powerful source of energy that some people prefer to be connected to.

Reiki is cosmic energy that is received through a channel opened by a practitioner. It's a powerful way to experience the Universe and to recharge our Divine batteries. Reiki is an energy of love and compassion that helps us find the way back to peace. Everyone has that light within them. This light is a natural capacity to heal one's self and others.

When a person wants to heal, there is a need to be READY for a change. Only with that consciousness we are able to move towards healing, happiness, and equanimity.

When we allow ourselves to do Energy Work or Reiki, they are ready to remove our blockages and restore our innate capacity to heal.

Energy Work is best experienced through a hands-on approach, where the person may use his/her hands to heal themselves or others. However, distant healing is a common practice as well; Reiki offers it.

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